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Tyler Staton's book "Praying Like Monks, Living Like Fools" is one of the best books on prayer I have read in some time. An easy read, his narrative style of story-telling, along with real life examples reinvigorated my prayer life...even when I don't see results or "hear" God.

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Brian Zahnd is one of the best writers in today's church. He does a wonderful job of exposing the church universal's desire for power and prestige while reminding us that we are called to be different. One of his best books, anything he writes is worth a read.

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Anything that Eugene Peterson writes is gold. This book kept showing up in other books I was reading and I'm so glad it done. I am about half way through it but I realized soon after starting it, this would not be my father's theology book. Such an easy and enjoyable read. Check it out.

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