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David Abbott is the lead pastor at Trinity UMC in Fort Wayne, Indiana. He is NOT a New York Times bestselling author but his mom thinks he writes pretty good well. Time magazine has NOT recognized him as one of the most influential people in Christianity today, but his wife, Jessica, thinks he has got potential. 


He is a “professional lover of God and people.” A fellow pilgrim on this “narrow road,” David is learning what it means to “unlearn” church and “re-learn” Jesus when they are not compatible. Unfortunately, too often, they are not. 


“Join me, it’s gonna be fun!” 


Pictured here with his nephew Mag

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At a Glance


Quick Website Overview

Here is a quick overview of the website:

  • Home Page-Introduction to Website complete with At a Glance-weekly updated news and notes.

  • About-About Me. (Goodness, that sounds egotistical).

  • Thoughts (Blog)-Blog. My thoughts and musings, where I can vomit out what is on my mind.

  • Messages-Sermons preached. (Both current and some favorites).

  • What I'm Reading-Recently read books or current books that I am reading. Hopefully, peak your interest to check some out.

  • Kitchen Top Drawer-All Things Random. (You know, like your kitchen top drawer. I am going to be so famous with this amount of creativity!).

  • Mental Health-News I hope is valuable for those of us who suffer with different mental health issues.

  • 3S Ministries-A Ministry I started focusing on silence, stillness, and solitude. (I know, creativitiy is oozing again). Looking at contemplative practices.

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Prayer of the Week


Quote of the Week

"The problem is, many of the people in need of saving are in churches, and at least part of what they need saving from is the idea that God sees the world the same way they do."

-Barbara Brown Taylor

Headphones and sheet music

What I'm Listening To

Jason Gray's CD entitled "Order, Disorder, Reorder" has been a companion on my journey over the last few years. For anyone finidng themselves asking questions, wrestling with doubts, or "deconstructing," I cannot recommend this CD enough. Especially this week's song: "Remind Me You're Here." Check it out!


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